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Hybrid Apps Developer Training

Specialized training for Hybrid Mobile Apps. The best hybrid apps training center in Bangalore

Today, technology changes so assiduously that most business require vast pliability and scalability to adapt content, Design and even application architecture, all on the fly. By deploying apps that rely on a vital concoction of HTML5 Web technologies and native OS features, you preserve a large degree of control over the content and design of the solutions we build for mobile platforms.

One of the android platform available user interface controls is the web view. The web view functions as a small web browser and is capable of parsing and displaying data similarly to any web browser. Its implementation is based on the open source browser. The search engine Chrome and Safari are based on. The methods we can call on a web view object allows us having a smooth integration between the data displayed within the web view and the native part of our application. This integration allows us to enjoy both.

Hybrid apps are designed to combine the advantages of native and web app development. They are apps that are written in web ‘languages’ – HTML, Javascript and CSS – but that use packing of native code. These wrappers can provide various enhancements that are normally restricted to native apps, such as a UI with the look of a native app, better performance than pure web apps or access to device features such as GPS or camera.

This PhoneGap app development course is designed to discuss advanced PhoneGap app development. After accomplished our PhoneGap app training course you would be able to build applications using PhoneGap. The complete training course is hands-on based.

At the end of the training course, Built a practical PhoneGap Application in the class. App development project will ensure that you can build your own apps for iPhone & Android.

This classroom based PhoneGap training course is hands-on and instructor-led. This training can be taken as a part-time evening course as well, during the week or even on the weekends. A list of all upcoming public PhoneGap training course is given on our website.

This course also focuses on new type of applications, known as hybrid applications.

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