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iOS Developer Training

Specialized training schedule for iOS Apps development integrated with webservices in Microsoft .Net. Globesoft is the best iOS training center in Bangalore

1. Introduction to Apple devices and Apps 2. Introduction to Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Evolution of Apple, MAC OS and iOS
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices overview
Introduction to App store and application development

OS X Mountain Lion in depth
Additional features from OS X Lion
3. Introduction to Xcode 4. Introduction to Objective C
Architecture of Xcode IDE
Workflow of Application development
Introduction to Xcode workspace and Interface Builder
Evolution of Objective C
Comparison of procedural and object oriented language
OOP concepts in Objective C

5. Objects in detail 6. Methods in detail
Object fundamentals and model classes
Objects and object reference
saving and retrieving data using model class
Class method and instance methods declaration
Object messaging with parameters
Getter/ setter methods

7. Basic memory management 8. Collections
Concept of ARC
Object reference counts and memory allocation
Different types of collections and their need
Define Array and its factory methods
Accessing and iterating objects in array
Define Dictionary and its factory methods
Accessing and iterating objects in dictionary using keys
Define sets

9. Variable Visibility 10. Protocols
Different types of variable visibility

Protocols overview
Methods in protocols
How to conform to protocols
11. Miscellaneous 12. App lifecycle
Exception handling

Overview of Cocoa
App lifecycle in iOS3 and iOS4+
App states
13. GUI development 14. More components on UI
MVC concept
Managing outlets and actions
Debugging in depth

Using segments,switches, sliders etc
Accessing date and time using picker
Keypad hide for textfield and textview
15. Multi-view applications 16. Using Storyboards
Navigation based apps
Applications with tabs
Managing multiple views and model classes in detail
Basics of Storyboard based development in iOS5+
Segues, Custom Segues
Exit (Windown Segues)
Mutliple Storyboards vs Single Storyboards
Prototype Cell based UITable in Storyboards

17. Apps with tableview 18. Preferences
Custom tableview cell
Managing table data
Respond to row selection
Tableview edit and delete

Saving data in user defaults
Managing data in dictionary
19. Local notification 20.Persistent Storage
Concept of notification centre
Register and post notifications
App sandbox
Standard App directories
Sharing files with iTunes

21. Apple Push Notification Service - APNS 22. AddressBook API
Cocept of push notification
Handling Push receipt
Addressbook concepts
Including addressbook database and UI
Accessing data from addressbook database

23. Audio and Video 24.Universal Apps
Include Movieplayer
Manage movieplayer notifications
Include backgound audio
Developing universal Apps
Managing multiple views in universal Apps
iPad features in depth

25. Save data in database 26. SQLite
Managing data in database
DDL and DML statements
Attributes and datatypes
Introduction to SQLite
SQLite functions and result codes
27. HTML in App 28. Include Map
Introduction to HTML
Designing App using HTML
Include websites in App
Introduction to MapKit API
Include Map in Application
Zoom and Pan
Add annotations in Map
Track location 
29. Webservices with XML/JSON 30. Core Animation
Introduction to webservices
Xml parsing in depth
Json parsing in depth 
Overview of core animation
Animation class hierarchy
Layer concepts
Animating views
Animating components on view
31. Appstore Ecosystem 32. Advanced Tools
Create Developer certificate
Bundle application for ditribution
Submission to Appstore and Appstore ecosystem 

Unit Tests
XCode Schemes for packaging

New batches start every month.